One Step Closer

If you have visited this webpage, you may have seen the COMPASS Study tents set up in your community. Maybe you even participated in the study!

Your participation in this study is important. Without the help of young adults, we will not get all the information we need to understand how widespread COVID-19 is in your community.

With your help, we can all be one step closer to getting back to sporting events, concerts, seeing friends, going to the movies…getting back to normal.

We encourage you to participate and thank you for your help!

You will need a parent or guardian consent if you are not yet 18.


What is involved in participation?

If you decide to participate in the COMPASS Study, you will:

  • Complete a questionnaire with study staff
  • Provide a small amount of blood (about two teaspoons) for antibody testing through a blood draw
  • You can collect your mid-nasal swab or have a study staff member collect the swab to test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Please note your antibody test results will not be available. You will, however, receive your COVID-19 test results. You will receive a gift card for your time.

Learn more about why you will not receive your antibody test results back.